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The Sunday market

Another sun-shiny morning out with my cherubs at the local market. $59 for everything here. So lucky.



Another market haul and a potato pancake lunch

My children love to go to the market on a Sunday. This week we chose a tray of mangoes for $13. Yum! We buy yesterday’s bread loaves for $1 and look for plants to put in our garden. 20150204-053050-19850118.jpg
When we arrive home we open the cupboard and do some meal planning for the week. 20150204-053323-20003214.jpg
I made a potato pancake for lunch. It’s very easy. Grate one potato and press excess fluid out through a strainer. Add to a bowl with 1/4 brown onion finely diced, 1 large mushroom finely diced, 2 tbsp chickpea (besan) flour. Mix together. Add a small amount of water until moist enough to come together. Transfer to oiled, medium heat no. Stick fry pan. Cook for a few minutes until golden on the underside. Loosen from pan with spatula and gently invert onto a plate. Add more oil to the pan. Gently slide the pancake bake into pan and cook for another few minutes until golden brown. Serve with a drizzle of vegan mayonnaise and barbecue sauce and chopped salad vegetables.



We also made some pickled cucumbers.


Wholefoods goodness 🙂


Whistling Kite Collective has a new style

Oh my, what a hefty, wonderful few weeks. We held our first market stall and it went really well. I have also posted some bonnets and hats internationally. Hooray! I have been very busy sewing and now I make three hat designs. Want to see?

Sun Bonnets

Love a baby in a bonnet. Mine are fully reversible with adjustable chin straps. Oh, these are adorable on too. I make for boys and girls.

Fancy florals in bright colours are a beautiful on little girls.
Fancy florals in bright colours are a beautiful on little girls.

Sun Buckets.

Finally stylish hats for little people. These have a generous brim, are fully reversible and come with a detachable, adjustable chin strap. The girls and boys fabric combinations are so fantastic. They are proving very popular.

Chocolate sticks and aqua micro cord.
Chocolate sticks and aqua micro cord.

Sun Cowboys.

A broad brimmed hat that converts to a cowboy hat. Superb! Available for girls and boys. Fully reversible with detachable, adjustable chin strap. This is an amazing hat. Built for serious mid-summer outside play. Think beach, desert, open woodlands and the back garden. This hat can rock them all.

Sun Cowboy

Indigo stretch denim with contrast band
Indigo stretch denim with contrast band

So, as you can see there has been much product development and sewing happening in the Whistling Kite Collective’s nest. Who knows what tomorrow will hold?

Have a lovely week. Catch you soon.