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The palaeontologist and the triceratops

My daughter told me last week that she going to go to university to study dinosaurs and their bones. I’ve had this gift in the cupboard for five months waiting for her. It’s a dinosaur bone excavation kit, where bones are chiselled away, dust brushed and skeleton cleaned then assembled to make a replica dinosaur. I pulled it out. She was absolutely delighted and kept gasping with surprise, exclaiming that this was so cool throughout the whole activity.

She loved working out what bone would belong to what part of the animal as we discovered them together. The excavation process is very dusty! So once the bones were washed and the cherubs showered, the assembly was finished.

What a fantastic activity. She has requested a Tyrannosaurus Rex for the next project. We are looking forward to it 🙂

This was a great learning experience, led by her interests and involved discussions of geography (where dinosaurs lived), ecology (how they lived, ate etc), geomorphology (laying of materials on top of bones to preserve them), word recognition (reading and listening), anatomy (what goes where) and safety (tools and materials palaeontologists use in the field).