Store cupboard staples

Some ingredients that rarely run out in our cupboard.

Tapioca pearls

My toddler loves my tapioca pudding. I make various versions, depending on the ingredients on hand. Always a winner, especially during teething and sickness.

Brown rice

Chick peas

Puy (french) lentils

Cous cous

Coconut cream
coconut cream

Red curry paste
Thai Red Curry Paste 195g

Wholemeal flour



Vanilla beans

Dried herbs- oregano, thyme, cardamon, saffron, smoked sweet paprika, black pepper…

Diced, tinned tomatoes

There are so many little kitchen helpers to mention! Stay tuned for posts of recipes containing my favourite go-to ingredients. Freezer and fridge staples coming soon…



2 thoughts on “Store cupboard staples”

  1. Hey Kath, loving your blog, I’ve been blogging at (although have been a little lazy/time poor in putting up new posts recently!). Can you put up a recipe for tapioca pudding? I remember my mum making it occasionally as a kid, but would have no idea how to make it myself. Glad you guys are all doing well 🙂

    1. Howdy! So glad you like it. Its a big learning curve- this blogging world. I will have to jump over the the jumping penguin and sign up. Good to see you have your own domain eh? I’ll post the tapioca recipe with a couple of variations if you like. I make it every couple of weeks, so I wwill take some photos next time. We also call this “frogs eggs” in our house. Its so cheap to make and always a hit with little miss. I think its about her favourite thing I make for her at the moment. Say hi to Ash. xxxxx

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