Products I love using…

Although this blog is not really about consumer products, I am including some I enjoy using for a range of reasons. All products used in our home are not tested on animals and contain minimal animal derivatives.

Red Seal baking soda toothpaste
Baking Soda Toothpaste
This is the best toothpaste I have ever bought.

Rose hip oil
Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil 25ml
My night treatment. I use this in place of night cream/serum. It is lovely and simple. I don’t need creams with 20 + ingredients to maintain my skin.

Jack ‘n’ Jill natural toothpaste

The wide variety of flavours are fabulous for toddlers, and safe too (unlike many commercial brands).

Natio BB cream tinted with UV protection
Takes away the tired look and has sun protection. Well priced.

Eucalyptus oil

Mixed with water in a spray bottle for a room spray; added to mopping water as disinfectant; added into clothes and nappy washing; the list goes on… I like to have this on hand.



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