Our back garden supervisors
Our back garden supervisors

Welcome to the Whistling Kite Collective blog! Its very nice to see you. This blog’s central theme is about incorporating nature into our every day to create a better life.

You will find pages on:

  • Some of my favourite, cruelty free products for around the home.
  • Books within arm’s reach and high rotation in our household.
  • Some store cupboard staple ingredients that we rarely run out of.

You will also find blog posts on:

  • Macro and landscape photography adventures with children.
  • Bush walk and natural area reviews, incorporating nature-based play opportunities for toddlers and their families. There are some truly beautiful locations being reviewed soon- stay tuned.
  • A More Natural Life series- creating a more enriched life through incorporating nature and simplifying in a busy world.
  • The Journey of Wellness series- learning unconditional love, trusting oneself and peaceful parenting…
  • Healthy family cooking – easy recipes suitable for children and everyone in the family

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Once again, welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂


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