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This village is real.

Women can be rude, sarcastic, manipulative, cruel and ill intentioned. Actually, people can be all of these things, beyond imagining. Our world is full of horror stories.

But, where there is dark, there is light. Light always overpowers dark and this is one example of how this happens. 

I have a girlfriend group that I seemingly stumbled into. These three women all have different histories,  professional skillsets, mothering styles, ages, upbringings. Somehow we all fit like a group of pieces from different puzzels that magically come together. Our individual patterns match. We fit.

It’s a remarkable, lucky thing to be able to recognise the village. The village may be scattered but come together for a single reason. Our children. Every one of us has multiple challenges ongoing at any time. Some more immenent and urgent than the others.

Light prevails where love prevails. But what is love in a friendship circle? To me, love in our friendship circle is where we can all care for each other, express ourselves, our concerns, even when as a collective we are helping sort major, urgent issues (in hospital for how long with no childcare). 

It isn’t tidy. It’s messy. Even when we are laughing at the everyday (how is running naked through the house with a toilet paper tail supposed to be funny gawd), groaning at the ridiculous (those aren’t “balloons…”), snorting at the humorous  (refused dinner but drank half a bottle of tomato ketchup instead). 

The village is a collective. This collective is grounded in respect and love. 

Even if this is a fleeting village, one that isn’t so close throughout my entire life, I know it’s value.  These women are immensely amazing. Their good deeds, even if seen as minor are immense in their magnitude because kindness spreads kindness. 

One of these earthlings says one thing, that she is hard,  tough and unreachable; but her actions override her words. She is kind and generous and makes people matter. She builds them up. When you see her she lights up like she’s truly happy to see and be with you. Like a light. Her smile is just magic. You have to see it to understand how beautiful it is. 

This other woman. What do i say? She is so laid back in conversation. So easy to talk to that speaking with her feels like you’ve been blessed with a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. Some people could walk past her in the street and not realise the gift to our world they have not rejoiced. She is just a joy, anytime.

This third lady. She is beautiful, powerful, she inspires other women to be better. She loves and gives so much, but doesn’t save any for herself. She doesn’t see her value, doesn’t understand just how much SHE MATTERS. Every time I see her, she somehow in a blink can spread warmth in my heartspace. She is a sweet woman who swears like a sailor and makes me laugh.

So to my village, I adore this time we have. I treasure you all. You are the example of what is good in our world.  Each of you in your own way will have a legacy of good in your own way. Collectively you are a beautiful power that can change the world, at least in our own lunchboxes xx.

You know who you are xx


Too small to make a difference

Do you ever feel that there is so much work to do in this world that you can’t make a difference? What about you just be yourself? You know, the generous, kind, peaceful you. Investing a small amount of your precious time in something you believe in could make all the difference. I love this graphic from Conservation International so much I just had to share!


Is that a cat on a lead?

Yes. It is. My cat is an indoor animal that goes for walks on a harness and an extendable lead. We live near bush land and our garden supports several permanent and seasonal bird species that bring their juveniles to visit. We also have quite a few reptiles and marsupials that call our garden home. There is a big stainless steel baking tray water trough that the bird community has been loving in the hot weather.

We’ve used a harness and lead since we brought him home from the rescue centre. He is so used to his harness that he climbs high in the trees and climbs down the way he came up, so his lead doesn’t get tangled! He has lots of environmental enrichment and lounging places inside the house, but he loves his walks. He sits at the cupboard where his harness and lead are kept waiting for his walk in the mornings.

He’s very happy and safe. The wildlife in our garden are happy and safe too 🙂


Giving a better future at Christmas

Ever year at Christmas our family gives gifts to the wonderful carers at my children’s Childcare centre. We usually gift a donation for a charity as part of our present each child’s room.

Previously, we have given polio vaccinations, adoptions for rescued farm animals at animal sanctuaries etc.

This year I am very excited about our “For the Animals” donations, an Australian based charity working in partnership with “Wildlife Alliance”. Wildlife Alliance is a grass roots conservation charity operating in southwest Cambodia with a wildlife rescue program, training and sponsorship of wildlife protection (anti poaching) patrols, a rescue centre and a rehabilitation centre. These facilities are centred on animal welfare. They operate with responsible tourism principles. These animals are not commodities, but individuals with their own story and great conservation value.

We have adopted an elephant and a clouded leopard. Check out the photos! We received a soft toy, certificate of adoption, the animal’s story and photos!

I have done ecological research in the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia, a global biodiversity hotspot that needs protection. I plan to return one day, hopefully for PhD research, but we will see.

For now, we will donate and help our planet by giving a better future at Christmas, for the animals, for their habitats and for us.