Books within arm’s reach

Although there are a couple of dedicated bookshelves in my home, I still manage to have a variety of books perched on furniture in every room! Those in high rotation in the kitchen and lounge room are listed below. If you have any other books you could recommend to me I would love to hear about them.

Recipe Books

Let them eat vegan. 200 deliciously satisfying plant-powered recipes for the whole family
Let Them Eat Vegan! By: Dreena Burton
My current vego cookbook. I am adapting recipes if I don’t have the ingredient she suggests. The cream sauce made from soaked cashews is so good!

Image result for vegetarian one pot

This is the easiest vegetarian cookery book I own. I adapt it for dietary preferences and every recipe has been delicious and gone into rotation.

Home Management





Japanese decluttering

There’s a reason this book is taking over the world of home organisation. This book is helping me transform my home. I wish I had taken before photos because only then could truly demonstrate the changes we are experiencing. I love this book. I haven’t followed everything in it, but I have stuck to the order Marie Kondo recommends.


Natural history books

Field guide to birds of Australia
The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia
This is also a bedtime story book in our house! We love identifying the birds we see on our adventures on in our garden. The latest newby to our garden, a juvenile channel-billed cuckoo- yay!

Sunshine Coast bushwalks. 52 of the most beautiful walks on the Sunshine Coast

This book is a recent addition to our library and we love it!


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