About me

Welcome to my latest online adventure. Professionally I work as a consultant botanist for an amazing company in Brisbane, Australia. Privately I am a mother of two beautiful, young children. I have been a dedicated career single, a working mother, a student, window cleaner, waitress, pattern maker and cutter for adult fashion, weed sprayer, Cambodian jungle explorer, gardener, terrestrial orchid specialist and amateur macro photographer. I love exploring nature and cooking delicious food for my family.

Please join me in my adventures with nature, food and photography. My blog is about rock-hopping through life with joy and satisfaction, grappling with big questions, using the natural world as a basis for creating a wonderful life and a few good recipes thrown in! I also review bushwalks and natural areas (and their various attributes for toddlers and families).

I would love to hear your thoughts on my posts. Thanks for reading. I sincerely hope you enjoy the Whistling Kite Collective!

Want to make contact? whistlingkitecollective@gmail.com

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