Camp cookery

Hi. We love campers and luckily get to do it a fair bit. I am the family cook while we camp too so have a few tricks to make things easier.

So above you see a bunch of food that I’ve pre-prepared. I then kryovac it then freeze family meal sized portions.

Above left is rubarb apple crumble cake. Delicious as dessert around the camp fire! Above right is a vegan sausage, tomato and onion cassarole. I freeze it in a container, then remove from container, pop into a kryovac bag with frozen peas, and seal. I like freezing the peas uncooked because when it’s reheated, they stay green and plump.

Here it is below reheated at camp and served on rice.

Below is a dark photo (sorry) of thai pumpkin soup and vegetarian roast.

Here is the pumpkin soup reheating on camp. It was very cold and this was ready in a flash, warm and comforting. Served with toast.

Finally, vegan damper cooked on a stick and baked on the coals in the camp fire 🙂

The damper on a stick is cooked, pulled off the stick then filled with vegan margarine and strawberry jam. Hours of afternoon fun!

Baked on the coals. Making a log loaf shape helps it cook quicker.

And finally, just a photo of our tent. I can put it up and take it down by myself in 10 minutes. It’s a Blackwolf 450 cabin tent.


One thought on “Camp cookery”

  1. Yummy food and easily prepared on camp. I love precooking and cryovacing as it leaves the cook more time to enjoy camping. Well done.

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