Camp cookery

Hi. We love campers and luckily get to do it a fair bit. I am the family cook while we camp too so have a few tricks to make things easier.

So above you see a bunch of food that I’ve pre-prepared. I then kryovac it then freeze family meal sized portions.

Above left is rubarb apple crumble cake. Delicious as dessert around the camp fire! Above right is a vegan sausage, tomato and onion cassarole. I freeze it in a container, then remove from container, pop into a kryovac bag with frozen peas, and seal. I like freezing the peas uncooked because when it’s reheated, they stay green and plump.

Here it is below reheated at camp and served on rice.

Below is a dark photo (sorry) of thai pumpkin soup and vegetarian roast.

Here is the pumpkin soup reheating on camp. It was very cold and this was ready in a flash, warm and comforting. Served with toast.

Finally, vegan damper cooked on a stick and baked on the coals in the camp fire 🙂

The damper on a stick is cooked, pulled off the stick then filled with vegan margarine and strawberry jam. Hours of afternoon fun!

Baked on the coals. Making a log loaf shape helps it cook quicker.

And finally, just a photo of our tent. I can put it up and take it down by myself in 10 minutes. It’s a Blackwolf 450 cabin tent.

Vegan french toast

Yum! Thought I’d share my best batch of vegan french toast yet 🙂

Very easy. Medium firm tofu blended with tumeric, salt, little bit of sugar, nutritional yeast, tiny bit soy milk. Spread generously over sour dough both sides and fried in vegan marg. Topped with vegan marg and whatever topping like maple syrup.