Book review: Bollygum (Australian children’s chapter book)

Vital Statistics
ISBN: 1 875875 08 5 (PBK)
First published: 1995
Weldon Kids Pty Ltd
Story & Paintings: Garry Fleming
Style: Children’s chapter book
Theme: Australian animal adventure

Oh my! This book is so beautiful, from the very first page. The paintings on each page opening are so detailed, magnificent, romantic that the readers are entranced while engaging with the story.
Each page opening has a full page painting with a facing page of prose. The language is clear and flows easily, explaining character traits, feelings and the journey with obvious skill.

The book is described on the back cover like this

Amongst our forests and woodlands there are untouched pockets where time stands still.
This is a story of one such place and the creatures that dwell in it’s valley.
This is the story of Bollygum…


I describe this story as Australian animals adventuring together, with soft back lighting. A lovely read aloud book with young children and established readers. The first night we read three chapters. Even my active two year old was transfixed the whole time.

This will probably be given by my four year old to her friends as a gift. Beautiful.


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