Waste not lunch patties (rice and chickpea)

My mother is a beautiful person, yet one of those people who doesn’t realise their value to the world. She made me some containers of vegetarian chickpea curries that I have kept in the freezer. The last two were used last night.

The leftovers weren’t enough to feed our family again and I had a mountain of rice so I combined the following to make patties. These are dairy, egg and nut free and very delicious 🙂

Left over curry
4 pieces wholemeal bread in a processor in the patty mix
4 pieces wholemeal bread in a processor for crumbling outside
Vegan chicken stock powder
Pinch sea salt
3 small eschalots (tiny brown onions) processed until fine
Orgran no egg – egg replacement powder sprinkled on top of mix.

Combine all mix ingredients
Roll patties of desired size in fresh breadcrumbs
Shallow fry in non stick pan until golden both sides

I served these for lunch and will freeze them for lunches during the week.

No waste patties. Delicious. Have a lovely week xx




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