Is that a cat on a lead?

Yes. It is. My cat is an indoor animal that goes for walks on a harness and an extendable lead. We live near bush land and our garden supports several permanent and seasonal bird species that bring their juveniles to visit. We also have quite a few reptiles and marsupials that call our garden home. There is a big stainless steel baking tray water trough that the bird community has been loving in the hot weather.

We’ve used a harness and lead since we brought him home from the rescue centre. He is so used to his harness that he climbs high in the trees and climbs down the way he came up, so his lead doesn’t get tangled! He has lots of environmental enrichment and lounging places inside the house, but he loves his walks. He sits at the cupboard where his harness and lead are kept waiting for his walk in the mornings.

He’s very happy and safe. The wildlife in our garden are happy and safe too 🙂



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