An upcycled dinner


I made a new sandwich flavour tonight for the family’s lunches tomorrow. It’s a dish they all enjoyed as part of their main meal.

Creamy red lentil dahl, with all the usual spices and the addition of a can of coconut cream. It was luscious. So I made a sandwich with this lentil Dahl and tomato ketchup.

It might sound like an unusual combination, but I actually think the children will love it.

Other components to the lunch boxes include:
Banana and choc chip wholemeal muffin
Tofu and roasted capsicum pie with salad veges
Vegetable muffin with dairy free cream cheese
Fruit cake- dairy and egg free
One cherub gets a mango and coconut smoothie.

I’ve fallen back on the frozen bakery stash tonight. Over the day there’s a smorgasbord of balanced nutrition though. It’s all good 🙂


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