Giving a better future at Christmas

Ever year at Christmas our family gives gifts to the wonderful carers at my children’s Childcare centre. We usually gift a donation for a charity as part of our present each child’s room.

Previously, we have given polio vaccinations, adoptions for rescued farm animals at animal sanctuaries etc.

This year I am very excited about our “For the Animals” donations, an Australian based charity working in partnership with “Wildlife Alliance”. Wildlife Alliance is a grass roots conservation charity operating in southwest Cambodia with a wildlife rescue program, training and sponsorship of wildlife protection (anti poaching) patrols, a rescue centre and a rehabilitation centre. These facilities are centred on animal welfare. They operate with responsible tourism principles. These animals are not commodities, but individuals with their own story and great conservation value.

We have adopted an elephant and a clouded leopard. Check out the photos! We received a soft toy, certificate of adoption, the animal’s story and photos!

I have done ecological research in the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia, a global biodiversity hotspot that needs protection. I plan to return one day, hopefully for PhD research, but we will see.

For now, we will donate and help our planet by giving a better future at Christmas, for the animals, for their habitats and for us.




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