Buckets of colourful bubbles for waterplay

I desperately needed a cup of tea and my darlings desperately needed an engaging activity where they could be creative and get soaked in the process.

So, buckets of coloured water and bubbles it was! So easy!

We moved onto the back deck with an old cloth on the floor to prevent slipping over. In three buckets I added warm water and a small amount of washing up detergent. I added food colouring to each bucket, red, yellow and green.Image

Various utensils, cups, brushes, washers etc were placed around on three trays for pouring and cleaning and off they went. My children LOVED this activity. A new brown colour was worked on until it was just “perfect Mummy”.


Once the buckets were almost empty, then my darlings washed their cars and bikes. Fantastic!


Oh- and I got my cup of tea, and drank it while it was still hot 🙂

Hope you have a lovely week.



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