Don’t have a cow man, make him a home!

Its a blistering hot day at the beach. The sun is shining and the gentle breeze tempers the radiant heat from the pure white sand. Today we brought toys with us. In the bag are the usual buckets and spades, and a friendly plastic cow.


The plastic cow that cost 20 cents from an second hand store was the central theme of play. This wonderful activity started with me asking “What does a cow need darling?” From there, the adventure to search for materials and build the cow a home was on!  The beach was scoured for branches to make a large tree, leaves to thread onto it, branches for a paddock fence and gate, grass for food, shrubs to rub his bottom on to scratch an itch, grass to eat etc… Holes were dug for a waterhole so he could drink. My eldest toddler even volunteered to be the cow’s friend and farmer so that he wouldn’t be lonely.

Integrated into this play were:
– lateral thinking
– resourcing
– design and construction
– connection to each other and the activity
– integration into physical environment.


Benefits to development:
– fine motor skills
– gross motor skills
– problem solving
– a sense of belonging.

A simple question started this activity and brought wonderful results. Maybe give something similar a try with little people in your lives?

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Hope you have a beautiful day.


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